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Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.

Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
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$ 1,449.00

Shipping time: 4 Weeks
Product no.: TW242A
GTIN/EAN: 4313042637445

Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.

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Products description

Pick up in North Las Vegas, you are welcome to visit our showroom.


As shipping costs are different for all 48 states, Click here to find out the shipping costs for your state.


The ideal starter model with a TOP price - performance ratio.


Our starter model is now better than ever, with 2 height adjustable lifting pads and a very low drive-over (only 1.3 in.).

With our Basic-line lift, it is possible to lift anything from a Smart to a small transporter.

Product presentation
  • 1A Quality built with CE-Certificate
  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001
  • Mechanical safety locking mechanism
  • High quality special profile supporting posts
  • 2 Hydraulic cylinders for powerful lifting and lowering
  • Automatic arm-locking system
  • Steel cable synchronization
  • Dual manual unlocking
  • Telescopic lifting arms
Technical Data
Lifting capacity9200 lbs.
Lifting height max.74.8 in./Ad 2050
Lowest lifting point3.94 in.
Lifting, lowering time (approx.)45/30 sec.
Power supply110 V | 1 Ph
Motor power3 hp
Fusing16 A
Weight (approx.)1322 lbs
TW 242 A - Overview
Product dimensions
Delivery contents
  • Lift including the control unit
  • Heavy duty anchor bolts (10 pcs.)
  • Rubber door protectors
  • English instruction manual
  • Examination book and CE-Certificate
  • Vehicle not included
Shipping information
  • The lift will arrive in a transport frame.

We always ship products out the same or following day unless otherwise discussed with our client.
For West Coast states expect a shipping time of approx. 3-5 business days, for Central states 5-7 business days, and for East Coast states 7-10 business days.

Shipping dimensions and weight

excl. VAT and Shipping costs.

Shipping costs for TW242A and TW242E (excluding islands)

StateZip CodePrice
WA- Washington98000-99499$309,00
OR- Oregon97000-97999$249,00
CA- California90000-96699$279,00
NV- Nevada88900-89999$229,00
MT- Montana59000-59999$289,00
ID- Idaho83200-83999$229,00
WY- Wyoming82000-83199$259,00
UT- Utah84000-84999$229,00
CO- Colorado80000-81999$239,00
AZ- Arizona85000-86999$229,00
NM- New Mexico87000-88899$229,00
ND- North Dakota58000-58999$329,00
SD- South Dakota57000-57999$279,00
NE- Nebraska68000-69999$269,00
KS- Kansas66000-67999$279,00
OK- Oklahoma73000-74999$279,00
TX- Texas75000-79999$249,00
MN- Minnesota55000-56997$309,00
IA- Iowa50000-52999$299,00
MO- Missouri63000-65999$289,00
AR- Arkansas71600-72999$289,00
LA- Luisiana70000-71599$309,00
WI- Wisconsin53000-54999$319,00
IL- Illinois60000-62999$309,00
MS- Mississippi38600-39799$309,00
TN- Tennessee37000-38599$299,00
AL- Alabama35000-36999$329,00
MI- Michigan48000-49999$349,00
IN- Indiana46000-47099$319,00
KY- Kentucky40000-42999,47100-47999$309,00
OH- Ohio43000-45999$329,00
GA- Georgia30000-31999,39800-39999$329,00
FL- Florida32000-34999$469,00
SC- South Carolina29000-29999$349,00
NC- North Carolina27000-28999$369,00
VA- Virginia20100-20199,22000-24699$379,00
WV- West Virginia24700-26999$349,00
PA- Pennsylvania15000-19700$379,00
NY- New York10501-10701,10706-11000,12007-14999$389,00
ME- Maine3900-4999$439,00
VT- Vermont5000-5500,5600-5999$429,00
NH- New Hampshire3000-3899$429,00
MA- Massachusetts1001-2800,5501-5599$389,00
RI- Rhode Island2801-2999$389,00
CT- Connecticut6000-6389,6391-6999$379,00
NJ- New Jersey7000-10000$409,00
DE- Delaware19701-19999$389,00
MD- Maryland20600-21999$379,00

optionally available:

Reinforcement plates for the series TW 236/242
TW 242 GPR10
  • Fits TW 242 A, TW 242 E und TW 242 PE B4.3
  • The minimum requirements regarding concrete depth are reduced by 1.50”
Shipping time: 4 Weeks
$ 449.00
Storage shelf (Medium tool tray) for the foot protection bar
TW 242 TT-2
  • Fits short front Supporting arms of the TW 242 A, TW 242 E, TW 242 PE, TW 250 B4.5
  • Practical screw and tool tray
Shipping time: 4 Weeks
$ 7.99
Storage tray (Large tool tray) for the foot protection bar
TW 236 PE TT-3
  • Fits short front Supporting arms of the TW 242 A, TW 242 E, TW 242 PE, TW 250 and TW 250 B4.5.
  • Practical screw and tool tray
Shipping time: 3 Weeks
$ 8.99

In celebration of the Christmas holiday we will be closed from Monday December 24 until January 1 2019.
Items ordered during this period will not ship until we return.
We will be back in our office and back to normal operations on Wednesday January 2 2019.




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